Sights in the Neighbourhood

At the most southern point of Öland, you can visit Ottenby naturum and Långe Jan, Sweden´s highest lighthouse.  The Naturum offers all sorts of information about birds and bird migration. If you take a walk in the southern part of Kvinsgröta, you can discern the Eketorp Fortress at the horizon. The Nature bookshop in Stenåsa is interesting if you need or want to buy binoculars, a telescope or some nature literature. In the surroundings you can also find several art studios and local, native museums. It is generally nice to visit the harbour of Gräsgård , where you can also buy some freshly caught fish, with a little bit of luck. Ottenby Grove, Kvinsgröta Alvar, Stormaren Moore, the remains of the old alum-slate-industry in Degerhamn, the Albrunna Grove offer you beautiful nature- and historical environments.

Do you like golf? The course in Grönhögen is said to be very nice. Bathing places can be found at Seby, Näsby, Stenåsa and Västerstad. South of Borgholm you can visit a small but very nice butterfly museum .

Actually, if you close your eyes, put a finger on a map, choose a place by chance, it will always be an interesting and beautiful experience. Whereever you go, you are still in the middle of UNESCO`s world heritage!

Further Information:

For buying food you can find supermarkets in Grönhögen (ICA), Södra Möckleby (ICA) and Mörbylånga (Coop). Bank is available in Södra Möckleby. You can get petrol in Södra Möckleby (credit cards) and Seby (cash paying). To visit a drug-store, You have to travel up to Mörbylånga. More trivial drugs (for headaches, coughs etc) are available in Grönhögen (ICA)).

Restaurants are located in Grönhögen (summer/autumn), Kastlösa (summer), Mörbylånga (always) and Ölands södra udde (summer).